Shift Click for Selecting and Moving Multiple Gutenberg Blocks at the Same Time

Method 1.
The headline says it all, use the “shift” key on your keyboard and click on a block’s contents to select it (no dragging the mouse). Use shift and click to select multiple blocks this way.

This is how you can move blocks together as a group without nesting them in container blocks.

There are other ways to group gutenberg blocks as well so quickly be aware that you also can use…

Method 2. Use a container block or nesting block. There are some plugins for placing one block inside another.

This paragraph block inside is a “Row Layout” block which I got from the Kadence Blocks plugin. It’s set it for just 1 column and I can put other blocks within it, such as the “Method 2” paragraph above.

This third paragraph is also inside the “Row Layout” block so if I group my article sections inside of these 1 column row layouts, I can easily move an entire section up or down within the article.

Method 3. Reusable Blocks & Gutenberg Templates. Gutenberg has block templates which can be saved and reused on any other post in the future. The templates are groups of blocks which can be saved and imported into other pages — these can be static or dynamic. A reusable block on the other hand is a single block which is formatted and displayed just the way you want, which you then save and can use as a preformatted template block whenever you want to use that custom block style.

That’s how to do it (or how I do it). If you have other ways of grouping block contents share them with the global community in the comments section below.

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