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Free Sales Funnel Website Hosting for Poor People With No Money

This is the Poor Man’s Sales Funnel. I have spent years trying to find a way to start a website online for free. This is the best that I’ve found in all my (10) years of research.

The only reason that it’s not 100% free is because you do have to have a website address (aka “domain”), such as You may have heard that you can get some domains for free such as I have scoured the interwebs searching for a free file host that has the features needed create a sales funnel automated selling business for free — there are none. Of the few free hosts that do allow you to use free domains, NON of them have the detailed allowances for use to use their hosting to create an actual automated sales funnel. So… The best I can offer you is a suitable free host and these extreamly low cost webdomains.

I have a domain selling site at where you can register a .com domain for just $9.95, and a .net for $10.95, a .org for $10.95, .biz for $11.45, .us for 5.50, .eu for 3.50. If you can find a better deal anywhere go for it. But those prices there are all you need to pay to have a full year to get your website making money. If you happen to be one of my consulting clients and you don’t have a website address yet I may be able to get you an even lower price if you ask me (but you must be a consulting client of mine which means you’d have to have purchased one of my consultations during the past year.

Okay, so you’ve got your low cost but not free domain, because that would mean you’d have to pay for expensive file hosting instead.

Now the west web server host I’ve found for free (really the only one that let’s me do what I need to do to create a money making funnel for free) is There area few warnings to be aware of. 1. your videos if any will have to hosted on YouTube unless you pay for hosting. Also security is low and your site may get hacked sooner rather than later because we can not use security software such as WordFence due to the limitation placed on “free” hosting. So if you really are too poor and broke to pay $60 a year for hosting, then you’ll have to accept those two risks. Agreed?

If so go to and sign up for free hosting under their “chocolate” plan.

Freehostia signup step 1. Click “signup for free” as indicated in red above. 2. REMEMBER: Have them preinstall WordPress for you (as highlighted in yellow below). This saves you from having to click a few extra buttons later. WordPress is a software that runs websites and it’s the most popular website software in the English speaking world so we’ll be using that, (I can’t speak for China, I have no idea what they use).

Freehostia signup part 3. Use a domain you already own if you have it, or Register the web address of your new business website. Their .com domain names are the same price as mind, you if you’re looking for a .com you might as well keep it simple and just buy your web address from them.

If using a domain you already own just type it in, and click to confirm that you are not a robot. Then click "Continue".

If using a domain you already own just type it in, and click to confirm that you are not a robot. Then click “Continue”.

Continue to follow the freehostia instructions and when they ask you to select a payment provider IF YOU ARE NOT BUYING A WEB ADDRESS (for example: “”) then just select “Paypal” as you payment provider and the checkout will be skipped (if you have a Paypal account you won’t have to provide any payment information at all).

Now as we proceed, remember that I’ve evaluated over a dozen free hosting services and NONE of them offered enough in terms of the service feature details I needed to start a business from “broke and unemployed and running out of credit”.

So, now that you have your free hosting account, your $10 domain name for the year, and your WordPress installed you are ready to Optimize WordPress for the Poor Man’s Sales Funnel. Click here to continue…

Don’t worry about the autoresponder email marketing business, I’ve got you hooked up with instructions for setting that up for free as well.