The Meanest Thing I can Say to You

You’re about to uncover some of your deepest most damaging weaknesses. I’m going to share with you the major reasons why people fail to achieve. Knowing these keys in the back of your mind will keep you aware enough to catch and correct yourself — improving your results, performance, and ability to actually get the right things DONE to achieve your dream.

  1. Open to Responsibility. Your situation, your struggle, is YOUR FAULT — take a moment to accept that, and then you can change the problem. It works because the reason for your failure thus far was your previous choices and behavior.
  2. Openness to Coaching — Many people react to criticism by blaming something else. If we let people tell us what (they think) we’re doing wrong, and ACCEPT IT mentally with a “Yes, I fucked up” and a “Yes, I CAN DO BETTER” and “Yes, I AM WILLING TO LEARN and listen” ONLY THEN can we make progress and transform from the broken behaviors which haven’t been working over to a new life of your dreams BUILT BY THE BEHAVIORS WHICH SUPPORT ITS REALITY!
  3. Intelligent Choices? Could you accept the suggestion that buying into popular buzzword marketing strategies such as a “Facebook fan page”, “SEO”, or “Google advertising” might not be the wisest idea? Sure they’re popular for a reason; maybe that reason is because it’s trendy and new, or maybe people are just buying into a big name. The fact remains, your situation is your situation; and business development activities should be selected based on what is best for accomplishing your vision. Apply your intelligence to a plan of action defined by the strategies most fitting for getting you to your goals. Intelligent task selection is a practice, practice that habit now. Do the #1 most high impact priority, and only that… now, in 5 minutes, during the next 2 hours, tomorrow, this week, and next year. The task may change from moment-to-moment but the intelligent choice, the effective choice, is doing the 1 things which is absolutely needed for making the biggest impact of progress in your business.
  4. Self Discipline — The biggest weakness for people who have failed consistently, repeatedly, for years (usually due to never finishing their projects)… is also the biggest weakness keeping most “beginners” down. You know what you need to be more disciplined about. Stay focused and on task. Stop doing “busy work”, and keep only doing HIGH-IMPACT MONEY MAKING.

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