Using 10to8 to Book and Sell Appointments on WordPress

If you’ve signed up for a free 10to8 account you can get up to 100 bookings with your own paying clients each month without paying 10to8 until after you’ve gotten paid.

The way it works is you give them and Stripe a small (and very reasonable) percentage of each sale, so you don’t have to “buy the pro version” of any plugins (only to find out a plugin you purchased doesn’t do everything you want). You also don’t have any of those worrying “free trial for X days” arrangements where you either lose access before making significant income (Oh no! My 14 days is up!) or you get charged fees because you forgot to cancel a free trial in time. NONE OF THAT! I think it’s a great offer for people trying to get started with little or no budget.

You can get started by opening a free account here. They will provide you with the code to add this stylish professional booking system to your website.

After you’re logged into your account setup your service:

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