WordPress Membership Site Plugins for a Free No Cost Membership Sales System

I lot of great membership (paid subscription) website plugins exist for WordPress. Unfortunately not everyone can afford to throw $30 here, and $350 there to buy the plugins they “think” they will need.

You can’t test most paid plugins before buying which makes starting up with paid resources a significant risk for your budget. I myself have regretted purchasing plugins thinking I’d have a system which does everything I want (the truth is no plugin, theme, or system does everything you want. There will always be a need to custom program further advancements in your system — which is why I try to make a profit with no initial cash investment (except perhaps for advertising my sales system after it’s been setup).

There are a variety of free membership / content restriction / “private content” plugins but none of them provide ALL the things which I as a marketer would want for an Ideal sales system. My attempt in this article is to test the features of each free membership site plugin I can find and figure out which free plugin offers the best core features.

Note: It’s likely that we will be using a combination of plugins to provide a more “marketing friendly” membership site experience. Not all plugins work well together, so we will be looking at:

  1. Which free membership site plugin provide satisfactory “first sales and profit at no investment” functionality for my envisioned “consulting service membership”.
  2. Including Multiple Membership Levels: 1 free, and at least one paid.
  3. Subscriber synchronization to WP user roles and <MailChimp free email marketing>.
  4. Public free, logged-in free, and members only content access.

Free Plugins Allowing You to Receive Payments for Restricted Access Content

WordPress Plugin:
Restrict Content Ability

Receive Payments for Access to Restricted Content
Free Logged-in User Access AbleMultiple Levels (Including different paid access levels)Single Page (Product) Restriction

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