WordPress Organizer: The Imaginary Plugin I Wish I Had

This plug in combines a bunch of features from other plugins to make organizing your wordpress content easier. Included in this plugin is:

  • Post type switcher
  • Map Categories to Pages
  • ALL FRONT END CONTENT ON ONE PAGE — Hierarchical Organizer
  • Now a page can be the child of a post and all content is treated not as a page not as a post but as both simultaneously, as content (orr in layman terms every post and page is now just “a web page” — as it should be! The difference between a page, a post, and other content types should be done with “templates” (eg. to include author and date or not). 
  • How can you organize things: now there are not different organizing silos, there is 1 hierarchical list of all posts and content types (you can choose to hide specific types which you don’t want on your “content” list such as those created by other plugins for their own needs (such as “forms” which might be treated as a “custom post type” even though they are components of pages and not pages themselves (from a user perspective).
  • Vy viewing all your content in one drag and droppable hierarchical content tree, you can quickly select content and “quick edit” it for easy and fast categorizing, tagging and reordering within the hierarchy. 
  • Adds a dual hierarchy viewing perspective where you can choose to view your content via Relationship 1 Customer Path (order of experience) relations in which each page may have a previous and subsequent sections or even branch off depending on a users choice to opt in or not. , or Relationship 2 in which posts are connected  purely via parent child relationships and displayed according to admin order preference. So I can now see all my content as a pathway for customers with some smaller branches cramping or off ramping people from the primary pathway, OR I can choose to see the content via my hierarchical parent child relationships (with categories embedded into the list as their own uniq pages) and sibling level items organized in an admin set “order” — this is great for having all opt in offers leading to the same product sales page as children, but organizing them according to a logical user path (I.e. if a user opts in to 5 different freebies and each time is driven to the same sales page).
  • Customer path items (posts) can easily be added to the menu with side by side content to menus organizer!
  • Wicked Folders style ALL CONTENT hierarchical organizer WITH integrated hierarchical relationships management. Click a Quick Edit button and set the post type, template, or both. Set public, set roll accessibility (or leave it open) including lodde din not logged in and various other roll combinations. 
  • Your hierarchical content list is your user roles access manager for subscriber and membership sites. 
  • Includes admin menu management for hiding those annoying extra left admin menu items as sub-menus so you can quickly and easily find your most used sections. 
  • Optional “dynamic” menu which places your most accessed admin pages in order in the menu. 
  • Admin Themer not included but offered as a sister solution, the imaginary Admin Themer plugin has many options from styling admin area and branding it to including custom login and registration pages as well. The admin themer also allows user roles to have their own unique admin themes and menus. Within any roll’s admin theme the users can edit or alter some styles and placements as allowed by their roll’s access permissions (but this being rarely needed is provided via an addon plugin).
  • Standardizes login /logout menu item which dynamically changes to match user login state. ?? is this a good idea ?? (make as optional setting) 

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