How to Grow Your Business:

The first thing you need to know is that your job as a business owner isn’t just to make product and service customers — your job is to SELL YOUR PRODUCT.

To get sales you can use the efficient and effective “work for you” digital systems which are available to entrepreneurs.

You can get started for free, or low cost, and certainly with a budget for marketing and business development.

Modern Marketing Best Practices

Poorly marketed businesses are failing because they lack proven “repeatable systems” and “automated assets”. “Proven” doesn’t mean it worked for others, it means it’s working for you — running at a profit.

The best practices of marketing in the modern world have come to a head as a “sales funnel” in which customers are guided step-by-step from a promotion (such as an advertisement), onto an optin page. This lets you help them get what they want and captures their information for future marketing so you can maximize profitability. After the opt-in page potential buyers move forward to receive the help which you promised them in your promotional content. Commingled with your free help is your sales pitch.

Sales funnels can be built with a few pages on your website, plus some functional systems for running it. The higher priced your items the more time and attention they are likely to need in order to provide a trustworthy experience.

The Biggest Secret

Say this outloud (or under your breath):

“Positive R.O.I. is the reason businesses succeed and can pay for customers.”.

+R.O.I. means “Return on investment”, also known as PROFIT. It is the secret sauce that keeps businesses alive. Without it your business dies (like you would without air or food).

Your Own Profitable Marketing System: Proven to Generate New Sales at a Consistent Profit — A Reusable Asset

If you want sales consistently then you must have a repeatable system. If you can’t spare the time or money to do high-effort, face-to-face and phone selling; then online marketing is your best option. I’m not talking about posting on social networks! Automation can save you from that massive time sink, and after you’ve got a good automated system you can delegate the management of your sales funnel marketing system — including all those social network posts.

Automation keeps your sales machine working while you do other things.

Installing a sales system gives you an automatic revenue generating machine powering up your business and selling your products for you. All tracked and measured with the aim of maximizing profits. Your marketing system also makes life easier (after construction) because the maintenance when you’ve reached predictable profitability can often be put into the hands of one trustworthy individual.

BIG POINT: With your proven system you can PAY to get your sales message to the people most likely to buyand have repeatable, measurable, PROFITABLE results.

Strategically Selected Actions

What kind of sales system do you need?

How can you build your own sales funnel with the time and money you have available?

Well, you could spend 13 years learning it — like I did.

Or you could…

Pay someone who knows the tools, who understands the complexities of selling — especially in the modern “marketing ecosystem”.

2Big Things Most Failing Business Owners Are Missing

The two biggest factors are

# 1) Self -Discipline, you might even call this “Willpower”. If you know what your priorities are, and they’ve been your priorities for a while now… you probably should master yourself so you can do the thing you need to do.
# 2) A Strategic Plan of Action

I’m talking about an organized growth plan to ensure your business becomes everything you want it to be. You can get help for building your sales system, and that can transform your life and business. You can take in enough cash to see your vision accomplished.

I’d like to help you — to do that I need you help me.

Let’s work together. Book an appointment below and I guarantee that we will make satisfying progress on your Strategic Action Plan. Your plan to build the machinery of cash-flow so your business can thrive and grow for years to come.

In your personal appointment we talk about the strategies you have available to you. Together we select options for your strategic direction, tactics, and current abilities. I’ll give you the best of what I think is the most suitable plan for you and for your business. These are your goals. It’s your life, your time, your money, your dreams.

What are you gonna do?

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